William Oweson Förlag

Trousers 6-7 A Dark Grey Linen


These trousers possess a tapered, slightly cropped silhouette, complete with a shaped knee, which allows for a greater ease of movement, and a button-fly. They are slightly shorter than the 6-8 trousers, and slimmer than the base 4 trousers. 

They trousers are made without any artificial stiffening elements, and as such finds itself to be very supple and comfortable to wear, adapting itself to the shape of the wearer's body.

Made out of a light linen, and complete with genuine water buffalo horn buttons, these trousers are of considerable weightlessness, and find themselves to be a great choice for the summer and in-between seasons, or even all year round. 

Due to the nature of linen, however, these trousers will tend to shrink considerably when washed, but will nevertheless quickly regain their initial form as they are worn.


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