"OCTO" - 8 (4+4) Pocket Trouser.
This Saturday, 28th OCTOBER In Store & Online.

This is “OCTO” 4+4 = 8 pocket trouser. It is made by MATSUFUJI, clothing label based in Tokyo, collaborated with Mukta / Sal, clothing store in Kobe.

“OCTO” aims for uniqueness and comfort, using the classic Ventile fabric and the large hidden pocket around the knee. You can put everything which you like into the pocket.

We found that there is a profound connection between something in their pockets and uniqueness.

"OCTO"は東京を拠点にするMATSUFUJIとMukta / Salの協業によって生み出された新たなワードローブです。日本製のベンタイルファブリックを用いており、通常のポケットに加え、4つの隠しポケットが備わっています。今週末10/28(土)より発売開始いたします。

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